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Soon after I bought a second hand DX7 the mains transformer blew up.  Luckily i found a replacement at RS online.  Click here to see item on the RS website.

Here you can see the original transformer on the keyboard and the new one temporarily connected.

1 dxoldtrans

To install the transformer more permanently I soldered it to some stripboard which also enabled me to screw it to the original mounting holes.

2 dxpsufini

Whilst rummaging the internet i came across an Ebay listing for a replacement backlit LCD for the dx7.  This i could not ignore as i would often find myself programming on long dark and lonely nights.

Before 3 dxscreenb4   and after  4 dxnulcd

Now i was cooking with gas and was on the look out for more RAM cartridges.  Whilst doing this i came across a software upgrade which also added an extra 3 RAM banks.

Here it is fitted. (also you can see the new battery holder i added to make changing the battery easier).

5 dxfirm